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About the Owner

I am Felecia Carmouche, a master short hair specialist of 26 years and the owner of The Movement Beauty Bar, along with my husband Derrick Norris. I, Felecia Carmouche have acquired many achievements throughout my career such as attending Lockworks Academy of Hair & then continuing my education to obtain my cosmetology license from Ronnie & Dorman's School of Cosmetology in 1996. I have worked in Film & Hair Dept. for movie sets in New Orleans, La. I have been an Ambassador Educator for Niarobi Professional. I've taught many classes, worked platform & educated on stage & behind the scenes at many major hair shows for several companies throughout my career all over the United States. I am the founder of The Versatile Pixie Cut, in which I educate stylist in Hands On Classes to teach mastering cutting & styling. I have achieved a host of Certificates, Plaques, Awards & Achievements throughout my career. In which I've developed a Mentor Program to help new & up coming stylist develop more skills to build their success story.

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